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Here I share the thoughts of Shiro-chan

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Here I share the thoughts of Shiro-chan

Self introduction

Shiro-chan is a loser shut-in that has nobody to talk to.

A total social outcast with no friends.

Her family members ignore her.

She is a seriously deprived and psychotic child.

The lack of human interactions has far exceeded what is considered normal.

Taking a toll on her psyche and personal development and growth.

A bit suicidal. A bit homicidal.

Shiro-chan is not complete, and never to be completed. She exists and does not exist.

A person but barely human.

Shiro-chan... oh... Shiro-chan...

Disclaimer: The poster is not Shiro-chan




Unemployed but not a NEET.

Place of residence

Shiro-chan's room.


Video games, reading, music, drawing

Special skills

Shiro-chan cannot explain for it is an abnormal talent.


Comics liked Johnny the Homicidal Maniac / Lenore / I Feel Sick
Games liked Persona / Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy / Dating Sim
Drinks liked Water / Vanilla Soy Milk / Tea / Bubble Tea
Music liked Orchestra / Instrumental / OSTs / Rock
Food liked Pudding / Sushi / Sweets / Candy
Web services liked Nico Nico Douga / 9GAG / Tumblr / YouTube
Art liked Eliza Gauger / Zoetica Ebb / Van Gogh / Pixiv Artists
Characters liked Zero / Lightning / Riku / Jun Kurosu
Animals liked Kitty / Puppy / Raccoon / Bunny
ことば liked たこ / かわいい / こわい / いつもありがとう