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This is Silver Wolf but you can call me Amber. I am 12 years old. I'll tell you that my dream was always to be in the olympics. I used to do gymnastics when I was little but it was expensive and I had to quit. My passion is gymnastics not art or animation. So if I get to go back to gymnastics goodbye hatena. Period. I'm so depressing. I will also say that I have had an eating disorder since I was in 3rd grade. So I try my best to not eat. (There is somthing wrong with the part of me that tells me that I'm hungry. So when I feel really hungry I'm usally not. It's complicated.)

Random facts about me:

Ok about my main girl o.c Silver the Demon Angel wolf (She died once but the tears of her gaurdian angel {Shade} brang her back.)

Silver Is immortal, controls all the elements and aura. She (much like me) is a bit of a hothead and will pummel the $h!〒 out of you if you p!$$ her off. :)

Her childhood wasn't the best either.

She was an accident.(lol no c.ondum)

so her parents a♭used her until she was 5. Then she k!lled them during a fight. After that she went to J.uvy

and made some friends there (Saffron, Trance, Drake) and the went on a rampage after they escaped k!\\ing everyone they hated.

Silver alwas had a demon inside of her but it doesn't show until you make her mad.

Some forms are:

My goals on hatena:

I'm done

My x-box live gamertag is


Mai friends:

Its 2:00 Am so just tell me if I forgot you

So My favorite creators list is spamed with people I dont look at anymore or dont remember or that quit even so Im sorry If I de-fave You by accident or something.

I shall say that I dont get paid for being here on flipnote hatena so dont expect me to stay if you dont appreciate me here. Haters I dont care about I just see green stars. Same with stealers. I watch out for my friends too. I would get myself banned for a friend. I do have like 6 accounts to yell at people from so that I dont get banned on my main account. :)

This is all Im writing so BYE.

P.s My dad is an a$$h0le so If I leave for no apperent reason blame him.

Note: Im tired of dealing with all this billsh*it OK?!

I get P*ssed off very easily so DEAL WITH IT!