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I am..Scourge.. beware of da kitteh >FT<

My friends call me Meep, bc I go "meep" alot XD

I am a GURL muahahaha beware of my RANDOMNESS!!

I am a friendly person. I am mostly a sketch artist, and MV maker. I can mostly draw CatsXWolves, but I'm trying to learn how to draw people! I'll be taking requests, I can do MV's, PV's, Icons or I will be answering questions! I love drawing warriors! My main O.C.'s are Timberpelt, Bone, and Chaos! Outside of Flipnote studio;

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So.. lately I've been false reported >.> GAH!? And so I have to post more flipnotes to earn my badge back .A.!! AHHHHHHH!!! 25 days of posting LKSFNLFNBDBF..!!! So if I'm posting my sketches, ignore em please or don't steal them at least XD! Please? lol Annnnnnddd, I might be replacing my nintendo, its like.. 2years old maybe XD and.. my least fave color >.<(pink) so I MIGHT be replacing it, im not fully sure, my nintendo has a broken L, the screen it like.. umm.. black XD from using pencils.. (I dun use styluses, they're easy to lose, and they're too small 4me XD) +I've been busy, a fair is in town -again and like yeah, so.. byes! and enjoy my.. worthless flipnotes XD!!







Lemme know if I forgot you, or if you wanna be my friend ^^


Have any questions or Comments? Contact me, or get my attention!

Yt: a backup acc soon!


Chat: (I'm on at 2:00-2:30 everyday depending on how many people are online)

I play FeralHeart!! ^^ Wanna add me as a friend? Or start a pack/clan or whatever, my user is: |MEEP|(yes ik its weird but, hey might as well have it meep, right? XD)


Kay time for a coffee break ︶.︶

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