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> Hatena family <

Wife ; Luna

Twin ; Chupacbara

Sister ; Neon, Sungodess, Dusk, Hammy(I miss you), Phoenix, Ren, Aricat,B-wolf,and Nighty.

Daughter ; Arianna

Yes and my ocs are.

Alex ; Mason

Isabella ; Delaney

Temptation ; Amber

Maskedclaw ; Stripedfur

Soulfire ;

Bluefur ;

Brokenpulse ; Perfectbeat

Hi my name is Alex :) My favortie color is black and silver. I am female and I am bisexual. I do not tolerate discrimination. I support gay rights and will agrue with anyone I must, I am happy with my girlfriend Delaney :) and anyone who decides to say what her and I have is wrong or a sin I will tell you simply. You may all fuck off. :) thank you and have a nice day homophobes.


ALEX IS AWESOME! i couldnt live without her <3(btw this is her gf Delaney)


NUUUUUUUUUH you lie youre awesome dont let anyone tell you different, and if someone DOES i will kick their yellow bellyed ASS! (btw yellow belly is like one of the worst things to be called in the south so)

:l you just called me a yellow belly. AGH ENGLISH/SOUTHERN PHARSES! THEY BURN!!!!!!!!!!!

youre no yellow belly, youre the smartest, lovely, cute, beautiful, flawless, fantastic, wonderful, all over AMAZING girlfriend in the whole universe that has ever existed or ever will exist so there

Nuuuhh I'm not but since we made that damn deal fine whatever you still lie

well i will never leave you no matter what so there <3