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Hey Everyone: For those who don't know me, the names Tyler. I'm a 15 yr old guy. Pretty friendly nd enjoys making new friends. Has the bestest friends ever. loves to laugh. Hit me up if u wanna talk. About me:

Age: 1 5 (already said. Haha)


Height: 5"8

Hair: long, curly at the ends, dark brown. It pretty epical. Lol

Eyes: they change colours

Country: Canada, ehh? Best place ever

Fav Animals: Dragons, wolves nd eagles

Fav colours: sapphire blue, lime green blood red nd black

Relationship status: taken nd proud of it! Got the most AMAZING gf ever. So yep.

Best word: bazinga

Loves: acting, sports, drawing, swordfighting, swimming, video games

Fav Flower: blue roses

Best tv shows: family guy, big bang theory, American dad

Fav music: 3 days grace, dea.dmau5, avenged sevenfold, eminem, Hollywood undead, skrillex, ephixa, nd Katy Perry nd Kesha of course! Rofl.

Thanx for reading this awesome ppl out there.