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Hai, Welcome to my Hatena Channel. x3 Solidsk16~

what i do here is not some much of drawing flip note, i just talk in here when im bored and such, :/

im mostly appear in most popular chats at midnight x3 (around like 12am or so)

the rest of my day is spend on Playing on steam or being on youtube or skype xD

if you wish to talk to meh about something or just wanna chat, leave a comment on my flips or send me a request on skype. (dont worry i wont bite xD)

About me: Ima Awesome guy once you get to know me x3.

the Name is Carlos, im a brony and stuff, i have a youtube account with the same username as this, x3 what to know more? ask away! <3

Skype: Solidsk16


Steam: Solidsk16