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Hey, I'm SoloZerker, but you can just call me Solo.

Quite frankly, I'm only really here to have fun. Possibly getting famous is on the side-bar of to-dos. I have an ongoing series here on hatena, and if you've watched it or added stars to it, I thank you. If you havn't heard of it, the name of it is Cross Worlds; why not go check it out?

I always love to hear what people here on Hatena think of my series, so constructive criticism or tips are very welcomed. So, if you feel up to it, go on and post some comments for me to read. It makes me happy to get comments much more than stars.

Other than that, I have not much to say... I'll have a sort of mini update on here so check back normally. And if you're interested, why not go and check out my deviantart account; the link is in here as well. Thank you all for possibly reading this, and happy animating!


Last Date Updated: June 25th 2012

~*Current Projects*~

  • Cross Worlds S.3 P.4/Chapter 18(In Progress... sorta)
  • Role Play (Abruptly Ended?)
  • The Quintus Chronicles (Canceled)
  • Quintus' Final Stand (Canceled, I think)
  • Another boring update to possibly come soon
  • And a sketch dump, that too...