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Hello Beauties welcome to my profile! any way im 13 i live in ky i draw sonic um i have lots of characters but my main one is fang the grey wolf♪ my other female characters are ozzie the basset hound,masey the husky+german shepard mix, elizabeth the panther,pepper the lynx,neptune the siren,lightning the fox,scarlette the wolfbot, and zenon the dragon fly. my boys are rave the ally cat,carlos the cat, scorge the bat,shade the dragon, and camron the fox/wolf.My buds on here are artcat™,rouge sheol,suha the bat,sparkel,lolgirl,american idiot, flamewolf(also my cousin btw),and meg101. I love u all! Ummm. im single my fave color is green i love white tigers i have red dying leaf color hair and green eyes i really like guys with black hair cause i love the color black and i prefer to be called pretty/beautifal not smexy/hot.>:D Buh bie now!


Drinks liked noz
Food liked pie
Music liked techno and rock