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Welcome to my Hatena Profile! I am sorry to admit that I cannot say I come here often- that would be a lie. I am almost entirely active on my flipnote hatena account.

I want to begin by saying thank you to every single person who has favorited me or left me a kind comment. It is you who encourages me to continue improving my art, and I could never be anymore thankful than I already now!

My art style is cartoon, focused on the canine-Canis lupus, otherwise known as, the wolf.

Mostly because I have always favored their nature. They are powerful, intelligent creatures who have a bad reputation with us humans, labeling them as bloodthirsty murderers! I love their unlimited love for each other and their need to have companions! I hope that one day I may interact with this beautiful, wild creature. <3

I also draw:

I have crazy life goals such as becoming a 3d modeling design and animation artist for disney, pixar, or dreamworks. Also I'd like to become a Graphic designer and make logo's for companies :D I am interested in becoming a elementary teacher or a counsler, and in the Law and Public Safety Cluster, A police officer, or a judge.

I strongly support my family, our culture and etiquette. We are Italian/Irish/Filipino Americans and have very strong bonds.

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August 30th


Art, Animation, Music, Designing

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Drawing and Animating, Piano and Guitar Playing, Make-up and Designing


Italian and English