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Self introduction - As a result, blogs have a tendency to copy each other, one blog pulling stuff from another, and may result in the same tendency that an opinion gets transformed into a fact, or a rumor that suits the political agenda becomes an assumed truth (example - Drudge and the rightish websites covered the fact that the Dixie Chicks are leaving Country Music. A lot of my blogging stuff is tied in one way or another with earlier entries, and if someone is interested, they can just follow my thinking back to its source. Tip: if youre reading my blog on your phone, click on Home and a little menu will pop up for you to choose from (you can also read more about me, or my books Super-Cute Felt and Super-Cute Felt Animals, or about the other crafty books Ive contributed to). A ratings downgrade, if it does occur, will not be a surprise and it is not the cause of economic malaise but a symptom of unresolved economic problems: a government that spends far more than it takes in and has been doing so for a while, households that save too little and borrow too much and a loss of the competitive advantages that the US once enjoyed over the rest of the world. How much will the tax cut increase wages? I still dont know how much it is, but I think hey, support a local shop, Ill pay whatever it is. Go...