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LIKES: candy, anime, old video games, a boy named Dylan, puppies, sprinkles, the scent of the night, jewelry, mythology, drawing, comedy, music, colors, and fame.

DISLIKES: Akward silence, grave-robbers,disrespect for the dead, mashed potatoes, ghetto people (of ALL races), actual work, Vocaloid songs, fuzzy mold, triteness, and annoying little kids.

I have a slight fear of homeless people. :(

I "volunteer" at Habitat for Humanity.

My birthday is April 24

I'm American, but I plan to become famous in other regions, too.

I'm actually African American, but I'm descended from Thomas Jefferson.

I'm from L.A. and i go back to see my dad, but i usually live with my mom in Charlotte, N.C.

I have a brother and a farting Rottweiler named Jesse.

Artists I admire:

Anne Anderson

Ippei Gyoubu

Donk [a.k.a. Rin]

Lewis Carol

what i do is a little random right now, i make my own drawings, shadow art, or ultimate spin-offs. I'm working on my series “Star Renegade”. I like posting flipnotes and getting positive feedback way more than actually making them.

Steal or 'repost' my flipnotes, as you glorified theives like to call it, I will report you with little or no warning. Don't try me.

I like most anime but i dont have Netflix to watch it on, and you know how internet-anime is...

I do not claim to be able to draw anime, but i am inspired by it.

The greatest happiness is to transform one's feelings into actions.” ~Madame de Stael

“There is no respect for others without humility one's self” ~Henri-Frederic Amiel

“The Mills of the Gods grind slowly, yet they grind excedingly small.” ~Anonymous

“I'm Rick James, B****!” ~ you already know who said that!

crazycherry1995 on youtube

LauraLapis24 on Maplestory

i like MapleStory and i play in Mardia as a Thief, my guild is Conflict.