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I'm a girl, I love to draw sonic characters! I do like Mario too but I'm more of a sonic fan! I'm english and spanish. I've been drawing ever since I was 1. My best friend on hatena is Techno-bat. She's a really awesome friend to have on hatena! XD My main character is night the bat/hedgehog, she is me in a sonic character form!


(The midnight contest......)

Here r the winners so far.....

Princess-Night the hedgehog/bat~Star24

Best friend-Sha zamy the hedgehog~Techno~bat

Friend-Lavender the hedgehog~Kitty



Hero/friend-Sonic the hedgehog~Sega

Mom/queen-Star the bat~Star24

Dad/king-Comet the hedgehog~Star24

Anti princess-Dusk the hedgehog/bat~Star24

Anti bestfriend-???????~techno~bat

Anti friend-?????????~kitty

Anti friend-

Anti friend-

Anti hero/friend-Scourge the hedgehog~Sega

Bad guy 1-

Bad guy 2-

Bad guy 3-

Leader or the badguys-

Nights ali-Amy the hedgehog~Sega

Nights ali-Graven the hedgohog~Kwi Roxes

Night ali-

Dusks ali-Rosey the raskle~Sega

Dusks ali-????????~Kwi Roxes

Dusks ali-

Night cuzin-Moon the hedgehog~Star24

Freedom fighter-Ann Black the hedgehog~Lady Ann

Freedom fighter-Luna the hedgehog~Luna TH

Freedom fighter-

Travler-Blaze the cat~Sega

Fake friend-

Bountey hunter-


Gun agent-Shadow the hedgehog~Sega

Gun agent-Rouge the bat~Sega

Fake enemy-


Enemys leader-Zero the hedgehog~EDWIN

E.leaders assistent-

Travler-Silver the hedgehog~Sega

King of aquasea kingdom-

Queen of aquasea kingdom-

Princess of aquasea kingdom-Mint the hedgehog~FlameWolf



(BFF) Techno-bat

(F) Kitty