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Hi people! My name is Stephanie and I love to go on Flipnote Hatena. Lol. Umm.... I love to listen to music such as, Escape the Fate, Paramore, B.O.B, We the Kings, All Time Low, Lady Gaga, Keri Hilson, KAty Perry, and Owl City. My favorite color is blue :D. I hang out with my friends a lot. My best friends in real life are Courtney, Ali, and Megan. You probably have heard them on some of my flipnotes. ( If you hadn't heard Megan, it's because she's too perverted in them, and I don't want to be banned. Lol. I ♥ Pie! Lol. He's soo awesome. Haha. Recently, I got hit with a bucket (Lol) in the eye, and it hurt. Lol. BLAHHH!!!! >:D 'FT' I feel bored, and now I want to dance!!! LALALALALALALALALA! Oh, yeah. My favorite creators on Hatena are Darkrose40, Gizmo, Pie theDon, BOSS, islangirl, and more creators that I can't remember. '3' I have a Facebook. I shall never tell you who I am!!! >:D Well.... Now that I'm running out of ideas to write.... I'm going to say bye now.... BYE!