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My name is zack i am 12 and im in year nine i hate school it wastes my time im usually good at art. My character is called tempest the hedgehog.

He is 17 years old he used to live on the streets, he has a girlfriend called sophi, he has three brothers and his mum and dad are the god and goddess of mobius. He has a super form called tempest tornado.

he wears a black shirt with a tie and he has a blue over coat he wears green trousers and green and black shoes he wears a cross necklace he is a green hedgehog

Right im getting sick of this no-one stars comments or even look at my flipnotes i hardly have any friends the only friens i have are shannon mason and rebecca so if you want to be my friend plz comment on one of my flips or just add me. Its just that i wanna know why peple never comment plz tell why