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WAZUP im Z. i used to be TheZFreak but Z is much more catchy, short and productive in my opinion. I live hidden away, deep within a dark and empty land >:D in which you will never find me.....

so uh, what else is there to really put on here? your life story? I'd prefer not to do anything of the sort. mine is rather lengthy yet uneventful. OOOH ok random stuff about me that I don't bother to put into memes: I do believe no one else on the planet is more obsessed with certain video game characters than I am. X) I love manga and anime, but I honestly don't really think i draw either one. I dont even know what I draw. isn't that sad? I also am SO INCREDIBLY IN LOVE with the English language and I am truly mesmerized by vocabulary. hehe in addition to that, I consider myself a nerd. ok one more thing: my passion changes often. like, you know that passion you just have for a certain thing and you think "Man, that HAS GOT to be what I do for the rest of my life!" yeah well I still dont know what mine is. It's either the fact that I have too many or the fact that I just don't bother to put enough effort into what I believe is my passion. eheh. like you guys even care. Im just really bored right now and I kinda felt like changing my profile info (again). but hey, i suppose I have a good reason to. i changed my name. and my last info had TheZFreak signed at the bottom. and the first sentence said 'Hallo pplz i am TheZeldaFreak'. lol. so. guess that's it. cya around and thx for da support and whatnot. (another random fact: my mom always makes fun of me for saying 'whatnot' so I'm trying to say 'such' as a substitute, but idc in these circumstances. she won't read this) XD