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Hey I'm Sami. >-< I'm epicically awshome and I deserve love :D I'm a kind open person and I tend to stick up for my friends. I'm really into skateboarding and I'm emo o-o dont ask. Loooohooooonnng story. I've been in gymnastics since I was 3 and dancing since I was 7. I like most muzic....and yeah. My 5 fav. bands r

1. The All American Rejects

2. She Wants Revenge

3. Cobra Starship

4. Nirvana

5. 3OH!3

and imma add # 6. in there too)

6. Marylin Manson

^-^ I <3 Chuck Norris>-<

Hehe~<3 I have obsessions with ninjaz and sporks(yes sporks....my mommeh dun trust meh with 'em lmao....let alone a plastic knife XD), and the raiiinbow 8D I vill omnom it! Mwaharhar. XD. Uum.....I think thats all im not sure. But I love you! Specally mai Caleb, Cindy, Noel, Pete, Kacey, Lance, Mike, Mortiky, Victor, Dan, Belle, Roze, Mariah, Jump, Kev, Eves, Kink, King, Nick, Isaac, <3<3<3


I Started Modeling. Wont Be On Much....Uhm...Im Recently Single.... Im Not Looking....I Still Love You Caleb........I Really Do....</3

You Were Born An Originall Don't Die a Copyy