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Derples. -Sees you- Oh, hi there! The name's Topaz, and I'll be goving you some up-to-date info on my favorite series, Homestuck.

Homestuck is BEAST.

Favorite troll(s): Tavros, Gamzee, Sollux, Nepeta.

Favorite Planet: either Lowas, or Land of Wind and Shade.

Favorite song(s): Atomyk Ebonpyre, MeGaLoVaNiA, Crystalmanthequins, Beatdown (Strider Style, Phase 1) Davesprite's Theme. (I'll be adding more too)

Favorite Sprite: Davesprite. Obviously. (And the poor baby got hurt too whyyyyy ;_;)

By the way, I ADORE cute things! /)^3^(\ I'd love to be your friend someday!