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If you have super smash bros brawl post your fc in the comments of my latest flipnote. I cant draw for crap so I just use sprites to make my flips good. I've tried to draw a circle but it was a total epic fail. I

also sometimes take the sound from flipnotes and add my version or add

sound like toast or falcon punch. i'm also a huge Starcraft fan. I use Starcraft in alot of my flipnotes. I'm going to add abunch of Starcraft flipnotes soon. My all time favorite video game music is the original kirby superstar meta knights revenge. it sounds really cool because of the strings and the percussion. I also like the Metroid Prime 3 corruption music after you have beaten the game and the credits role. I Don't have any major freinds on hatena exept for my freind arakune but I'm fairly quiet but please I posted in the wrong channel once and I got yelled at like 10 times. The message is is that if you see someone mention something like posting in the wrong channel let them handle not you. It really annoyed me 'cause I feel like I have Haters.

  • Information--- I'm 12 years old and my real name is Erik and I live in Rochester, Ny U.S.A. I'm in seventh grade and like to learn spanish outside of class. It's so boring. Yo soy atletico. No me gusta trabajador. Como sestas? Well all I got Have a wonderful year and be and optomist because the glass is always half full. Things could be worse. The people in haiti were hit with a major earthquake and many people are without shelter. So think this, things could be better but things could be alot worse. So please don't look at the negative side of things. If you have a Dsi and a flipnote account then your well off and that you shouldn't look at things the bad way. One other thing. Be kind and don't interrupt people who are saying valuable information. You'll probably need it but you don't care. But what if others are disracted then they miss out and they wanted to know. They would be dissapointed and it would be because of you. If you feel guilt than you sorta fogive but just moving on is not the way. Be kind and don't ever forget that there are other people in this world besides you.