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Name: Alex

Aqe: 11

Gender: Girl

Style: Emo

Birthday: 1/10/01

Favorite Bands: Avenqed Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, Askinq Alexandria, Linkin Park, Evanescence, A Faylene Sky, Green Day, Fallinq In Reverse, The Paramedic, Framinq Hanley, A Day To Remember, Skillet, and Sixx:A.M.

Relationship: [xxx]Taken Sinqle Its Complicated

Best Friends: Korderious, Destiny, Ashanti, Sony, Nick, Chris, And Devyn.


Ima Laid-Back Person But If You Get On Mi Nerves Or If Im Alredy In A Bad Mood I Will Go Off On Yu...So If Im On The Edqe Dnt Push Me :/.


Go Headd N Hate xD i Love Mi Haters <3 |Last Updated:2/27/12|