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Sup, my names Tristan. I enjoy making flipnotes. (which I can't do right now cuz my DSi is broken :'c) My favorite videogames are Pokemon, Megaman, Metroid, and Zelda. I loooooooooove making new friends. :D I like to draw in my spare time. lol My snetances are really choppy right now... I guess you could say I'm smart, but I really don't like to brag. :P I wish there was some way for my DSi to get fixed sooooonnneeeeerrrrr! Anywhoo, I'm also homeschooled, my girlfriend is Cyrus, and I like animals and sugary foods! (Not...together... O_Olll) Oh yeah, favorite bands! Skillet, Linkin Park, Nightwish, and Sonata Arctica. I'm a Christian and I rarely loose my temper. (Unless someone's picking on one of my friends...) I also find Roleplaying fun. c: And...that's all I think! I hope I can please you all with my work! :D -Tristan out