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Herro, I'm Jazzy.

My fave animals are wolves <3! I live in England & I want to become a zoo keeper when I'm older 'cos I LOVE animals. :) I'm TEAM JACOB 4EVER! no one can change that...

I also write the series "Beond Love"

(It's just started on the 7/4/12 so please watch!)

I hate peas and brussle sprouts but I L<3VE cheese!

I'd love to talk to you and ill always reply as soon as i can. If you ask meh 2 do your icon comp ect, then Ill do mah best to fit it in :)

Please add me and say hi, (I get bored very easily if im not chattin' 2 someone lol)

Well... I guess Ill see ya round?

BAI! xx