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I am 13-14 <Ugh...too lazy to change!> years old. I am a BIG Naruto fan! My favorite Naruto charicter is Sasuke Uchiha!!! I AM NOT A FANGIRL!!!! Many of my flipnotes are (or will be) Kappa Mikey, Naruto, Manga & Anime, Kingdom Hearts, and Vocaloid. My favorite Vocaloids are Kagamine Rin and Len. I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY FLIPNOTES!!!

_______________________________________________________________________ UPDATE~~~ (As of 1/21/2010)

Hello~! I've been so lazy..."OTZ. I'm glad to finally update this~ Oh, my Wi-Fi isn't connecting to my DSi, so it may take awhile for me to post new flips. I HAVE A BUNCH TO POST RGHT NOWWW!!! TwT|||