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Hello VampireV here! But you can call my VampyV if you want to! My birthday is on the 5th April which makes me an Aries. I did leave hatena but I have returned to find it...well....destroyed by thieves, scammers and star beggars.

I created my own little series called Alcina Academy but I know it's terrible so you don't have to tell me.

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Monday 5th September

  • I have school tomorrow so I won't be as active. I'm having a last minute panic making sure my bag is packed!

Tuesday 6th September

  • First day back at school my timetable is horrible! I have science everyday! PHYSICS EVERYDAY D:

Wednesday 7th September

  • I sprained my finger playing basketball! My finger really hurts and keeps going purple! D:

Friday 8th September

Saturday 9th September


Alcina Academy 1-100%

Alcina Academy 2-5%


Random PV-1%

Please don't star beg and steal flipnotes!