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Salut! I'm Sam, ID Name: Warlender. I am Canadian and I live in Quebec, I Speak ''Québecois'' (that a french variant) (AND I SUCK IN ENGLISH)

I have 17 year old.

If you give suports I'l Give You Flipnote (I dont care of stars, But it's Welcome too) And A Great Thanks To All My Fan's.

Sonic's series, When I have change my dsi sonic 5 was locked so I can't repost it like the other part of my series. hope you like the new Sonic's 5 enjoy! ( and YO! I have my old hatena accunt and my new hatena accunt) in my new accunt im going to repost all my flipnote and some with remake like the new sonic 18 16 12 whatever this is for later blah blah blah) IF YOU HATE! DONT COMMENT! XD