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Hi, Hatenians! This is CurlyQ, or CurlyQ the Second if you prefer. My first account is CurlyQ. Yes.

That^^ has been there since about November 2011, so... UPDATION TIME!! (August 18th 2012)

My real name is Marie, and I am 15 years old. I live in Wisconsin, which I commonly refer to as "Cheese Head Land", in case anyone gets confused XD

My goals on Hatena:

  • Be a well liked person
  • Maintain around 150-170 fans for a while
  • Continue to post flipnotes
  • Become a better colorer or manga artist
  • Possibly learn how to animate realistically


My awesome friends (tell me if I forgot you and I'll update this list ASAP)

  • Sweetie
  • Shade1602
  • SketcherTX
  • Artsy
  • Nitro
  • Kevin
  • Bubblegum (Inthis)
  • Solis (Sunny)
  • D4V1D (Pfeffer)
  • ZeroX
  • 3rdSlash (3rdy)
  • SoloZerker
  • FaladinErz

Too lazy to input the symbols as of now, sorry guys D:


Hope you enjoy my flipnotes, no matter how meaningless they may be.

  • CurlyQ