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Hi. I have strived to have a hatena page since I first heard about it. I call my profile Watson inc. because I Invent cars and made up a company so if I ever get a car company, that will be it's name. I also like making funny comics with friends. If you know a creator called Sean-inc, we planned to make one together so we can be more popular. He approved of that idea but little did I know, HE ALREADY HAD ONE. Sean and I have been friends since we were toddlers and like having fun, drawing and inventing, etc. Sometimes when I'm on chats people refer to me as "sonic". I see how they could think that. Watson inc. is run together because I don't have enough space for a space. My name is Aidan Watson and Aidan inc. just didn't have the same jingle as Watson inc. My favorite music is intense dubstep, like SKRILLEX and deadmau5. You can see some of their songs all over my page. Sean doesn't have a DSi anymore... He thinks that flipnote studio would be on the 3ds T.T . He said if he knew it wasn't on the 3ds, he would not have bought it. EVEN THOUGH I TOLD HIM THAT IT WAS'NT ON THERE 3 TIMES. ilikewatermelonjuice:)

~Watson Incorporated