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Hey Guys! I'm Dragoneye! I'm 14 years old and I love making flipnotes and animation. My other interests are music, video games and sleeping.


UPDATE: 28/10/11

Alrighty! My originality came back to me (after 5 FREAKIN MONTHS, took ya time!) So im gonna post flips every week or month or however long. BUT, my real message here is that my bestie, Xit, gave me my originality, so go check him out, or this entire thing won't be worthwhile. So please check him out. OK. Now, my series is gonna start again, not a problem. I'm busy right now revamping it. And now im going to ACTUALLY PUT SOME EFFORT AND TIME INTO IT. it will be voiced, and will be stick. But plot, appearance, voice, and detail will be at max 120%. ARE WE CLEAR, PRIVATE?!


Okay, My new (and hopefully hit) series is called "Dragoneye". Dragoneye lives in the Holy Mountains, home of the Kindom of Dragons. In the Holy Mountains, there is a system of energy, one appointed as "light" and another appointed as "dark". those who learn to control the flow of energy will possess their destined energy, light or dark. Those with light energy are appraised and admired, while those with dark energy are banished and never to be heard of again. Soon the dark energy beings formed a rebellion against the Kingdom. So a team of light energy masters was composed and went by the name, The "light fighters". Soon, war had begun. The light fighters fought with stride, but soon the dark energy beings began to possess them. The war became catastrophic. But suddenly the dragons of the Holy Mountains arose and brought the dark beings to an end, or so we thought. Dragoneye's parents died in the war, so Dragoneye was a stray orphan. But he survived. When he is 14, the legend of the dragons of the Holy Mountains is denied. but Dragoneye knows it happened. But what he never expected, was for a dragon jewel to be found. (a dragon jewel emits the energy only a dragon can possess) So when dragoneye comes to check it out at the museum, his whole life changed. The dragon jewel was ment for him! the energy transfers from the gem to Dragoneye who is given dragon powers , earning the name "Dragoneye". Now, at the age of 18, Dragoneye knows of his destiny. He must go on a quest to learn the ways of the dragon. What he will find on the way, that is a mystery...


Dragoneye: He is the Main character of the whole thing. At 18 years old, Dragoneye's abilities are yet unknown. The name "Dragoneye" that he is addressed by comes from his appearance. He has a straight face and is always serious. He is only casual around girls. He has an eyepatch covering his right eye. His answer to people's questions about it is "My eye was damaged in a fight", But the REAL answer is because there is a dragon's eye beneath it. He cannot open both his human eye and his dragon eye at the same time, or he will have a massive power surge that in any case, would be suicidal. But, If he concentrates enough energy, both eyes will become of a dragon.

Reo: Reo is also 18, along with being Dragoneye's friend. Reo's distant, DISTANT decendants were mighty warriors who carried the "Sacred Scythe". Now Reo is the wielder of this mighty weapon, But Reo has yet to experience the full potential of the scythe. So Reo tags along with Dragoneye to not only help him on his quest, but to find the true power of the "Sacred Scythe".

Zero: Zero is a bit older than Reo and dragoneye, being 20. This means that he has to take care of his two "friends" which for Zero, will be quite a feat. He carries two handguns and a packet of smokes wherever he goes. Zero's hanguns aren't ordinary though, as instead of shooting bullets, they shoot compressed light energy beams. Zero is calm and decisive, thinking things through, but if someone says something about him smoking, well, I don't really wont to think about it...

Dawn: Dragoneye's girlfriend, age 18. Has high concentrations of light energy, giving her perfect defence against dark energy. Dragoneye cares for her deeply, but she just walks around casually like she doesn't care. But deep down she cares for Dragoneye, too. She is very good a using her light energy, making her capable of creating a light sword, a sword that is the only defence against a dark sword.

Dusk: Dawn's alter ego, her evil side. She becomes dusk when she is possessed by dark energy beings. can do the same as Dawn, only she uses dark energy.

Spike: is hard to explain. He is like an outsider, working for the Shadow King, just not following his given orders. He has two retractable sword-like blades on his arms, making him a human sword.

Candice: Candice works for the dark beings. She is Zero's age, 20, and can control ice. Her hair is made of regenerating ice, which she usually pulls off and throws at people.

Dark beings: Shadow troops of the the Shadow King. Users of average dark energy.

Shadow King: Lord of all darkness, can destroy anyone instantly. The Shadow King is responsible for killing Dragoneye's parents. User of elite dark energy.

All of these characters have no family.



Does anybody know how to draw good manga? if you do can you pleeeeease teach me? That would help a lot. Thanks.



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What's your name?

Will ThereoncewasaboynamedWillwhodidn't


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How did you come up with "Dragoneye"?

I don't know. I honest-to-god dont know. I was just daydreaming when suddenly the word Dragoneye appeared. It was fate.

Are you Christian?

No, I'm Will.

Why are you such a fail?

Free Green Star!


My friend got a DSi! His name is Xit(id:yodog1999) we would both appreciate it if you could check it out.

That's all for now.









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