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Hello! Here's a few things about me:

1)I love reading, writing, acting, and drawing!

2)I have a long ways to go before I'll be good, so just bear with me, ok?

3)I lurv anime and tween novels. Feel free to chat with me about them at any time. ;)

4)I love stars as much as the next person, but seriously, people that become addicted to stars and steal flips annoy me. It's like, "Dude, those aren't even YOUR stars! You didn't do this, it's not yours, so how can you take credit for it! Theif!"... 'course people who complain about star beggers and have a bajillion stars of their own are hypocrites...

5) I finally got a citizenship!

6)Visit my channel:

The Weatherful Channel

Here, you can post any flipnote whatsoever! ^w^

7) I have 68 fans now!

Thanks to you all!!!!! ~<3

8) It saddens me to say that I've seen more and more people quit because they say "Oh, Hatena is horrible, with the False Reporters and blahdeblahblah(insert lame excuse here)" and "Oh, I'm not popular enough, so I should quit!" Really? You're giving up that easily?! C'mon people, pull yourself together! I know, I've never been false reported, but I know that it hurts. Just like seeing something you worked hard on getting no attention whatsoever. I'm here to say that yes, Hatena is at a little bit of a downer right now, with stolen flips and such, but the only people that can change that is US! So instead of posting a flipnote that says, "Oh, Hatena is horrible", or "I'm quitting because I get reported to much", why don't you post something that will make someone smile. Try the Weekly Topic, or join an RP, or start a series, or even a small animation! Every little thing you do to make Hatena better makes a difference! So go, make a difference in this virtual world! ;3

9) Now I must rant about 1D fanfics; Please, if you write them, at least make a better plot than "Oh, I met 1D! (Insert name of guy here) touched my arm! And now we're making out! And now I'm his GF! And now we (insert explicit content here)! And now all those other girls are jealous!" I have no problem with fanfics in general; I have written several myself. But I have yet to read a single 1D fanfic with a decent plot. Furthermore, for goodness sake, THEY'RE PEOPLE TOO! They're not imaginary characters that you can control the lives of! How do you think they'd react if they read ANY of those fanfics?! I know I'd be like, "Wait, I just met this person and I'm already (insert explicit content here)?! WTH?!" Kiddies, there is more to the real world than 1 Direction and dating. Please find better ways to demonstrate this. ...

BAH, the public is fickle. XP