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Hi I'm a Hyper, Dramatic animal lover! I love for others to see my work so I decided to make a Hatena account. Im Even posting a series soon! Here I am open to new freinds and New artwork don't be afraid to give me any advice or tips to become more noticed ^_^ Don't Worry I don't bite!.... Not that hard anyway... I might annoy you with my random mood changes sorry bout that! I'm bipolar please don't let it bother you! :) Also im a crazed anime lover Ive seen many animes and read many mangas (I'll have them listed below) and my Art is pretty original on hatena meaning its kinda a new style I made •FT• many people dislike me for that though but Im proud of my art till the end! :D I'll update my profile with flips probably once a week (Keep a lookout for my new series :3) see you then ^_^


Favorite Animes :D

Karin, Fairytail, Bleach, Pretear, Black Butler, Hetalia, Clannad, Tokyo Mew Mew, ( ill add more when I think of more)

Favorite Mangas :D

Fairytail, Bleach, Black Bird, Kaichou Waa Maid-Sama!, (I'll add more when I think of some