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Names Xan Acktor. Every one calls me Xan. Some may know me for being a popular creator on the old flipnote hatena website. I was sitting proudly with over 8000 fans.

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Names Xan Acktor. Every one calls me Xan. Some may know me for being a popular creator on the old flipnote hatena website. I was sitting proudly with over 8000 fans.

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About Me:

Age: 15-20

Gender: Male

Location: Unknown

(Updates are below)
















I have been ranked #1 in daily ranking: 5 Times

~Fan Goals~

100 fans ✓

1,000 fans ✓

3,000 fans ✓

5,000 fans ✓

10,000 fans

15,000 fans

20,000 fans

50,000 fans

60,000 fans

70,000 fans

100,000 fans (in my dreams.. -_-..)

100,000 Stars

500,000 Stars

1,000,000 Stars

2,000,000 Stars

4,000,000 Stars

5,000,000 Stars

7,000,000 Stars

10,000,000 Stars

20,000,000 Stars

70,000,000 Stars (-crys- PYP...)

10 Green stars

30 Green stars

100 Green stars

500 Green stars

1,000 Green stars

3,000 Green stars

5,000 Green stars

10,000 Green stars

50,000 Green stars (oh my... oДo)

2 red stars ✓

5 red stars ✓

20 red stars

70 red stars

100 red stars

500 red stars

1,000 red stars

10,000 red stars ( goodness me! δρδ..)

1 blue star

3 blue stars

10 blue stars

25 blue stars

100 blue stars

300 blue stars

500 blue stars

1,000 blue stars (Ahhhh! >: D)

1 Purple star

2 Purple stars

5 Purple stars

10 Purple stars

50 Purple stars (Gahhh! ha! ha! ΘF7Θ..!)

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  • Other Goals-

Become #1 in daily ranking ✓

Get a comment without trying from a very popular creator ✓

Become popular ✓

Make a flip that gets over 500,000 stars

Make a flip that gets over 1,000,000 stars

Become faved by a very popular creator ✓

Eat a taco

Get 3 flips on most popular at the same time

Get a icon on most popular

Get in the all time ranking

Get in the top 10 all time ranking

Yes, i like to think big. ^u^..





















(Last updated 5/18/2012)

Update: Gurr! I has been working really hard on flipnots! And i wont stop here!!

Ps: For the record: I was 3-5 popular flips away from getting in the all time ranking

Update: Here is all the friends i know off hatena. Reflection (ID: Jaden247 ), World3Boss (ID: littleweirdo ), sparky (Id: FNmaster ), Tecnica (ID: Greenclipboard ), $ Moe $ (ID: Sc0rch ). Thats all of them. ^-^..

Update: Yes, i am back. Got a new dsi and stuff. ^-^..



I delinked my ID from my old creators room. I thought i was supposed to do that when i linked my ID to my new dsi. (Bad part): When you have my new creators room feved my old one isn't in you favorites. So you cant find my old creators room. (I faved it for you to find if needed. So my old name if you didn't know is WatchNewFN. A name i had put up be for i had to sell my old dsi.) Also people fav my old creators room and don't know about me. A few hundred fans not knowing about my new creators room.


Questions and Answers:

(I might add more later.)

Q: How did you get this popular?

A: Mostly because i tried. My randomness and such. I (normally) only make a flip if i think it will get on most popular.

Q: Can i use Xan, Sid and Joe in my flip?

A: Only after i get 10'000 fans or so. Sorry. -_-.. (Change of heart: Yes you can. Just dont get popular over them.

Q: Can i come into your Friend chat? We could be friends.

A: Its not that i don't want any friends, no. Its for the people i know off hatena. So please don't comment.

Q: Where do you live? / What do you look like?

A: I live in Usoa...( United Stats of America XD) I look like a boy... omo...

Q: Can we be friends?

A: Does this involve me faving you and watching your flips? (No)

Q: Can we chat?

A: -draws up a long breath- no...

Q: Can you make me an icon Xan? I will give you a ? star!

A: Maybe. But dont get your hopes up.