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Hey flipnoters! I'm XANAD, but most of you know me as Nadia ^^ I am not new to flipnote, even though it shows that I am. This is a new account. ^^' My DSi ended up breakin one day last summer, so for a while, I was done w flipnote :T I was a member for about two years previously ^^ My account then was XaNad as well ^^ So if you all see any spinoff flips I posted that are from that account, it still be me :P Lolz. I'm very happy to be back and hope to post much more!

About me: Well, as I said before, my name is Nadia. ^^ I am 16 years old, and I will b 17 on April 15th :P I am the eldest child! Yus! Lol. I am a huge gamer girl ^^ I love Zelda, KH, FF, GH, and much more. ^^

Fave Food: Spaghetti

Fave Color: Purple

Fave Book: Hunger Games series

Fave Game: Kingdom Hearts series

Fave Platform: Xbox 360

FCs: Yus! I have some FCs for different things ^^

3DS: 1160-9769-2990





Xbox gamer tag: NadLuvzKH415

If you ever wanna battle or just add me, that's where to find meh :P

Well, thankies much everyone! If You have a question or anything, just leave a comment on a flip and I will try to get back to you ASAP. ^^ Thank you to all my fans n friends for makin hatena an awesome place! Hehe, well, bai!