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Sr. SEO & Digital Marketing Analyst

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Sr. SEO & Digital Marketing Analyst

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have 6+ years of Experience in Search Engine Optimization, Web Marketing.

Professional Skills:

1. Working on the SEO, SMO, SEM, Local Business Listing & Web Analytics campaigns.

2. CMS Driven/Dynamic Website On-Page Optimization(Joomla, Drupal, Dotnet, PHP, etc. ) and website creation

3. Optimization implementation for Google, Yahoo & MSN (Bing).

4. On-Page implementation and Website Enhancements for Static Websites also.

5. Generating Report for Traffic Analysis using Google Analytics, Stat Counter, Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster and preparing the Manual report in Excel format of the keyword ranking.

6. Blogging Activities for Client Projects.

7. Off-Page Operations and Website promotion.

8. Pre SEO, SMO & Local Business Analysis of Projects, Strategy formation for Optimization.

9. Researching the best keywords using the tool as Google Ad words, Word Tracker, Keyword Discover, etc. with less competition and high search volume for high Ranking of website. And Competitor Analysis.

10. Website Performance Tracking and Evaluation.

11. Website Keyword Ranking Report Generation

12. Handling SMO, Local Listing Team and assign work to them

13. Create network on social networking sites as like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, etc.maps, group creation and discussion, blogs commenting and creation, Forum commenting, image optimization, video optimization

14. Generate Sitemap in XML and Html for websites and index in Google webmaster.

15. GooMaps, Yahoo listing, Bing listing, and other business sites




3.Internet Marketing

4.Google Analytics

5.Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explore & MSN Webmaster Center Optimization

6.Blog Development, Designing & Optimization

7.Website Development & Designing

8.Dynamic & CMS Platform Website Optimization

9.On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

10 Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter Networking

11.Google, Yahoo and Bing Business Listing

Key word search:

Keyword Research is very important and can literally make or break your SEO campaign. Most popular mistake people make is to select one word or two word keywords to rank on. The whole idea of keyword research is to select realistic keywords which can bring in significant amount of traffic. We use paid version of WordTracker and Google Keyword Research tool and involve our clients in keyword selection.

Keywords Analysis:

Keyword analysis is a fundamental SEO strategy. It is a judgment to determine which keyword people will use to search the Web. Without this component of SEO, you will just be turning your wheels trying to gain grip in a highly competitive marketplace.

Competitor’s web site Analysis:

The aim for doing competitor’s web site analysis is to get information and ideas about how your competitors are performing, what is your site level and what strategies will be needed for your site to lead your competitor. Our process includes preparing several reports with important and covering information of competitor’s sites.

Pre-optimization report:

Pre optimization report is an initial ranking report of your website for the keywords that you want to be optimized. It is to compare the SEO rankings of a particular keyword after completion of the search engine optimization process.

Title Tag Optimization:

Title tags are the words that appear at the very top of your web browser, and they tell the search engine what the page is about. Optimizing the Title tags is one of the steps to increase a website’s rank. When calculating your web page’s weight to a search, most search engines consider the content of the title tag and display that content in search engine results page. So it needs to be constructed in such a way that it increases your website’s position in result pages, and encourage a surfer to click on your link.

Description Optimization:

Description should be written as a powerful statement. It includes important keywords that will be found within the content of the webpage. The description is also viewed in the search engine results pages and will be seen by the search engine user.

Keyword Optimization:

The key to ranking well in any search engine is optimizing the visible keywords on a page. Web site promotion has important relevance with key word optimization. Some of the complicated words are being placed in search box of the search engines wrongly. We take care of all possible key words to find your web site in key word tag including misspell or wrong spelling.

Website structure optimization:

For top placement of your web site in search engine, it requires your web site to be search engine friendly. We create it accordingly by changing the navigational structure of the web site. The navigation structure’s importance in optimization process is to guide the robot of the search engine about all pages and links and to list them in search engine.

Site Map for link optimization:

Sitemap is to show all links of your website from one page. We create sitemap describing link name with a concise description. This sitemap can made on your server or different server.

Google Analytics:

It provides information about visitors of your site; pages and links visitors click on most and spend most time on. Analytics also tells you that after using which sites users came to your site. You can find out the most popular keywords, users type, country details and many other details.

Body text and content optimization:

A rich body text and key word oriented content is a secret of high search engine ranking. We optimize key words with existing content or change the same with your prior approval. To list your website at higher position it is important to have search engine friendly text and content.

H1-H2 tags optimization: (All Pages)

Header tags are given more weight than regular page content. Search engine considers it mostly when indexing a Web page. Header tag is important for visitors also, because heading tag tells both search engine and visitors what the content is all about.

ALT Optimization:

An alternative tag, it is the HTML tag that tells search engine what the images are all about. Since search engines can not read text fixed in images, so alt tag tells search engines what the images are all about. Alt tag is helpful for visually damaged persons to understand the objective of images.

Google Site Map – Development and Hosting:

A Sitemap is a list of the pages on your website. Creating and submitting a sitemap makes sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site, including URLs that may not be discoverable by Google’s normal crawling process. Sitemaps provide additional information that may not otherwise be discovered, such as pages that are not linked from any other page within your company.

Yahoo Site Map – Development and Hosting:

A Sitemap is an XML file which contains a listing of all URLs and pages on your website. The file is used to inform and direct Yahoo search engine crawlers so that web pages can be discovered and indexed quicker. Sitemaps provide additional information that may not otherwise be discovered, such as pages that are not linked from any other page within your company.

ROR site map and hosting:

ROR is a rapidly growing XML format for describing any object of your content in a generic fashion, so any search engine can better understand that content. It helps describe your sitemap as well as products, services, feeds, articles, reviews, archives, and much more objects. Also, ROR Sitemaps are automatically readable by all search engines, including Google.

Search Engine submission:

We manually submit your site to various local and international leading search engines and directories. This process is most reliable than software generated submission process.

General Directory Submission:

There are many important directories from where search engine takes data for example dmoz.org. As a part of search engine marketing process, we submit your web site to all leading directories which helps in search engine positioning.

Product Specific Directory Submission:

There are many important product specific directories from where search engine takes data. Here listing of your web site becomes very essential. As a part of search engine marketing process, we submit your web site to all leading product specific directories which helps in expanding your products worldwide.

Country Specific Directory Submission:

Directory submission is a part in search engine marketing process for which we submit your web site to all leading country specific directories as Yahoo, MSN, AlltheWeb,

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Md Yamin Raj