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Welcome. I don't expect anyone to ever look at this, but whatever. My name is Nitro. Or some call me Nick...either one works. Or you can call me Nitroll, Nitrogen, NiTROJAN, Nbro, N, Nickers, Snickers, Nack, and other things. I am currently 14 years old. My main focus on Hatena now is working on my series,"Spirit." This will take a very long time to finish, so stay tuned...xD If I find time, I may make a comedy flip or something. I use the EpicGuitar style for those...I wonder how I'd do with one NOW. BLAGHH I use select tool too much.

I have a lot of Hatena friends. I'm too lazy to list ALL of them. You know who you are. Just know that I love you all very much <3

eve dB

Nothing else to say. Uh...I'll post deviantArt and facebook stuff later...ok bai. :DDD