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A newbie Flipnote artist, slowly inproving my skills.

I tend to be a very nice person, at least that's what most people say. I've always liked drawing; sketching to be exact. I was also very interested in animating, but I could never show my "skills" using a computer and mouse.

Now that I've gotten used to drawing on my DSi, I can animate using Flipnote Hatena. :)

I love dogs, sweetpotato pies and videogames, incase you wanted to know.

Most of my O.C.s (Own-Character or Original-Character) that I use in my Flipnotes I have used in my old comics. Such as Delilah, the dog with a heart on her right eye and Cody, her younger twin brother with a blue star on his left eye. And if you look at one of my earlier flipnotes, you'll see a boy dog (Looking sorta like terrier) is Rex the dog.

My main O.C., Ganz, originated from my old main comic Character: Zeon. (Hence, my Hatena ID.)He may possibly make it onto my DSi, but I'm not entirely sure yet.

Well, that's about all I can think of to say. Make sure to check out my Flipnotes!