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OK for all you fans out there imma update my profile....Now its Dec 8 2011 im almost twelve but if you dare treat me as a inselent fool it wont be pretty!!:3 dont worry im not like very sensitive about that stuff its just annoying,yeah know?So about that bad news i mentiond in Why 3.....Umm for one My dsi was stolen a few months i have a 3ds now(no i never really wanted one desperatley it just happened)and if i cant coe on to this hatena im gonna buy a dsi!I luv you guys to much to leave!!And about Why and The Logs....Imma Cancle THAT why and make a new one...It sorda is combined with some things i do in the Physical yeah Oh no!But this why will have better drawing MUCH more action better animation and some kick magical creatures!!!*coughs*But you didnt hear that from me.....Anyways Its S.w and I'll see yall soon!!~S.w