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hhhhheeeeyyy!!! dB< I'm a 14 yr old girl whose asian(philipino bish!) I have random imagination and I'm very childish I still have meh youth lolololol kk uuhhmm I mostly draw furries..I draw anime when I'm rly serious then sonic when I want to aaannndd cartoony-ish cat :D and i also draw mlp cus im cool liek dat I sound like I'm bragging....bbooooooooo....I can NEVER draw something creepy :P but when I'm like..lonely or alone..sad...mixed emotions... that's when I go grab me paper and pencil and start to draw something creepy...or something that will cheer meh up... woah I sure type's not liek ppl will read tis... but I would be surprised if someone did :D wwwaaaaaaahhh mai hand huuurrtttzz..I'm not good at animation and I suk at RPs..meh watevs I make promises but forgets them or I'm too lazy to remmember them....I'm a pegasister and I know it derpy derpy derpy derpy yeah! okie...I like Pokemon and Blu is meh buddy >:3 I've always..ALWAYS wanted a pet cat in where I live...I used to have two cats but they both died ;-; ok bai peeps~