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29th June 2011

Thanks for choosing to read the Kaz Blog!

Anyway..I now have 780+ fans!

Making Survivor! Look up the Survivor Reality Show for the rules.

I'm probably gonna stop making the flips of Survivor, and post the eps and plots into a fanfiction instead. See my fanfiction flip for details.

New flips in the making.

Try not to vote out random people.

People Who Are Epic

N'Nomer: He's back and more Pepsi Crazed Than Ever!

Zxi: For Pure Awesomeness, epicness, and Chuck Norrisness

Chiara,MdM: Adding me as favourites, and being epic at everything

ZeroSanity: Just Has A Cool Name, And Is One Of My Favourites.

Race: Um...YAY!

ROBLOX KID: Knows me on ROBLOX. He be back! On ROBLOX.

Master TRB: Gone. But always here.

Kaleb:): Purely cool

Julian: Greatest Kirby Artist Ever

CyberFreak: Inspirational One of my oldest, bestest but closest friends

Gecho: Wheredidyougo?

Noodles: Destiny Meeting. Friend forever.

Mr.Gurgles: Super

Keke:Love your flips!

Yacob: He's the Kirpika r the Pikirby or whatev. But he rules.

Sofiz: I don't like STRAWBERRIES. MEEEEEH.

Well,did I miss anyone?

Oh, I have. Well, just comment. Seriously.

Anyway, I've been gone a while. Sorry. I'm currently working on a flip, it should be done pretty soon, I guess. Again, sorries for making you wait.