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Hey everyone Minecraftstar here so yeah I no longer like Mario so well no more Mario flips so yeah now I like MINECRAFT a PC game where you build a shelter so monsters dont get you well dont want to spoil more no need to get it if you dont want to but I like it alot well When I was Mario Miku my DSI was broken and wouldnt let me on flipnote studio so it was repaired but I have no acces to the account with posting just descriptions so I got a new account and this was back in february so I am now known as MC or whatever my ocs uhhhhhh well mobs characters and more for ocs remember MINECRAFT isnt mine so the mobs and things belong to there owners my ocs are carter the creeper eddy the enderman gabe the ghast steve sid the slime and ILL do more in a flip I would like to gain back my popularity from my last account but thats hard work well cya all till my next flip