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Do your best try your hardest and you will achieve your goal.


Self introduction


My goals

50 green (done)

20 red (done)

5 blue (done)

1 purple (done)

200 fans (done)

Thanks I completed those goals!

New goals

100 green

25 red

10 blue

5 purple (done)

500 fans

Hope I complete those goals!

Best rank: 29

flipnotes with over 100,000 stars: 1

have a flipnote at number 1 in most popular: 1

Get a flipnote in the top 15 of all time in stars: 1

Got my silver citizen.

My most popular channel anyone's flipnotes here 284 flips at the time.

Most popular flip Dsi Glitch Command: up up y l b left x b y down


Yoshi id: awesomeyoshi