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see you on flipnote studio 3D when it releases! ask me for my friend code :)

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see you on flipnote studio 3D when it releases! ask me for my friend code :)

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hi! i'm axis14. nice to meet you! I now have a 3dsxl feel free to ask me for my friend code! I only have 5 games so far, but i'll get more soon (possibly fire emblem awakening) I love watching anime and reading manga! look below for some of my faves. p.s. I'm now not on as much because of school :/ sorry...*update:I have more games! look below for them

Full name

lily nomoreforyou




one year older than 14


nyob (can't tell the public)


school and ap(advanced placement) classes... they feel like a job...

Place of residence

the united states

Place of birth

the united states


reading, playing my 3ds, watching t.v., reading manga, watching anime, hanging out with real life friends and (sadly for school) studying, and also learning spanish as an elective at my school

Special skills

drawing (a work in progress...), and that's about it... I sing like a dead cat...


english, spanish (WIP, learning as an elective at school),american, internet

my 3DS videogames

KH:3D:DDD, pokemon Y, professor Layton&the Miracle Mask, Etrian Odyssey:Untold, Rune Factory 4,Tales of the Abyss,AC:NL, Mario Kart 7, Project X Zone, LOZ:ALBW...and BRAVELY DEFAULT(the collectors edition):D

favorite animes and mangas

in no paticular order: hetalia:axis powers (+all of the other seasons and the movie) (APH is where I got the axis in axis14), death note, bleach, black butler, durarara, alice in the country of hearts, pandora hearts, deadman wonderland, chibi vampire, ouran high school host club, naruto, soul eater, sword art online, accel world, vampire knight, madoka (too lazy to write the whole thing), and kingdom hearts(both the manga series and videogames) note: I may add any I forgot later...