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hai their :D i'm BERRYLIGHT (hurr durr)


anyway here i am ----

hatena- BerryLight13579

facebook- Berry Light

DEVIANTART- berrylight17


I guess you could say that i'm a typography person, i'm not that good at mouth movements but i'm getting better at it. I'm also really BAD at making friends xD i need more friends t>:Ut


facts about me

my age: you'll never know >:D

my grade: 8th (that gives away my age dB)

my state: Wisconsin- it's awesome :3

fav. color: any neon color

birthday: July 16

fav. music; Alternative, Indie, Pop


My o.c is a pokemon trainer that is a Neko xD. i bet no

one knew that >:D but she's nice, she like eevee's

the most and she have other friends and each one

of her friends takes care of a different

evolution of eevee dB my favorite pokemon's

are eevee, skitty, charmander, shaymin and pikachu, and psy duck


here are some of my friends...

I probably forgot some...


here are songs i like-

anything by Foster The People

we are young -fun

somebody i use to know- Goyte

Eyes wide open - Gotye

Mad World - forgot the artist -.-!

Civilian - wye Oak

1901 - Phoenix

Broken Jaw - Foster The People

Fireflies - Owl City

Bruno Mars

Taylor Swift

Jason Mraz


Hates: Noobs, people who chew with their mouth open, stealing my stuff, playing with mai hair, lazy people, stolen flips, one direction flips, edit-me's

Likes : New Friends owo, Comments on my flips, Bacon, Ftp, Music, Youtube >:D, Coffee -w-, coffee ice cream, Total drama island, TLG (tv show xD), Adventure Time.


okay good bye. you little stalker

>:D and go eat cereal ID