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haiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! whats up my awesome person!?!?!?!? lol, this is me blackpaw. i am turning 14, and have been developing my current drawing style for a very long time!!! i love music art, drawing writing, my friends, fans family and even my haters! ohyeah!!! lol. i am the oldest of my family and i have two pets, a dog and a cat. meow. and my room has white walls and a green ceiling!!!! omg its awsummmm!!! i love my soccer team and basketball team! i am playing some sport year-round. currently i am playing basketball for my future highshool!!! i play competitive. ^-^ I aslo play classic soccer for HSC a local soccer team! im a bit of a sports fanatic. oh yeahhhhhh and im a girl. ^FT^ antywai, have a great day, person!!! <3 Bp