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DSiXL # two GONE!!!!

yea lets hear it for number three yea number three!

anyway im just updatin my profile and am giving a shout out to all my fans and favs so if any of you out there actully read this i have some new info


i passed my classes and i finaly got my lerners permit

i also started weight lifting in school... holly smokes does my teacher push us we did a mile and a half on the first day... so far im lovin it cant wait till the last day were its going to be tripled hehe

my maxes at the moment are:

squats, 250

incline bench press,105

bench press, 150

military bench press, 85

i made a channel called

Brandon's anything channel

if you want i will link it just let me know

also recently i am supper busy trying to get good grades and other things i would like to fix this year so if i seem a little... well ya know just lemme know and ill do wat i nd to

so... yea thats it in a nut shell