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Trollololol. I wish I had a dsi still.

Nintendo still hasn't given 3DS's flipnote hatena. :/

If you are reading this comment on one of my flipnotes or something just so I know you've seen this.

(Do you get upudates for this...?)

Anyway if you happen to have a deviantart, you could check me out here. >

I'm not really expecting anyone to see this, but if you do see this and have a deviantart, hit me up with a note, I'd really appreciate it ;)

Once flipnotes come to the 3DS I have many projects that I wish to animate, including stuff like this...

The Laroken Saga - A fakemon anime type thing.

Fate Casted - an action anime that features a troubled boy, that can control the underworld.

Well that's pretty much it. I wish I could do all of this now, but nintendo's being pretty s t u p i d. (Lol, d u m b censorship.)