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Hi i'm dakkainc. i post flips featuring my friends, random series, and ideas!

search up dakka if you want to know what it means!

These are a list of epic ppl who are epic and need to be faved:

The Doctor. An amazing animator, great music taste and great sense of humor, plz fave her!

alphako. the first person I ever met on hatena, used to be #11, and succesfully blended anime with stickfigures.

Artsoul. The second person and first girl I ever talked to on hatena. Unless uWANT to go crazy with her do NOT i repeat do NOT give her dr. pepper.

Triplec. He makes amazing stickfights and has an epic art style!

Stalk or spook or staik. Forgot his exact name.... he is a really nice guy, and made the second best mv I have ever seen.

lunas. great unapreciated artist enter his contest NAOW!

New series's,/ flip ideas. pls vote on them.

Hot pink day, parody band of green day that me, henry and cade started, thinking of doing some songs featuring us.

Umbrarum. a possible spinoff series of apples/ eversios series.

little flips featuring funny quotes from doctor who.

blades of the past. old series ive been working on, dont know if i should publish it.

actual performances of hot pink day. we might actually play a song!

colab. song will either be Bottom line By Big Audio Dynamite, or one more time By daft punk. pls leave a comment about which one u want!

watch doctor who!