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um... hi! ok so i LOVE zelda games!!! THE LEGEND OF ZELDA!! WHOOOOOOOO i'll be posting all sorts of random flips! I would like to thank every1 who added stars to any of my flips, you have all been great to me soo... thanks for reading this and looking at my flips (if you did XD)!comments and stars always appreciated! thanks again! If you noticed, my good flips are all locked! This is for good reason: THEFT! I would advise that you do the same, unless you want ppl to give themselves credit for something you made! sooooo yeah :) also,CHECK OUT MY FRIEND LYNK0FWIND!!!!! LYNK I LOVE UR FLIPS!!! U BETTAH BELIEVE (THIS IS SPARTA!!) THEY ARE AWSOME!!! :D THANK YOU FOR BEING SO TRUE TO THE REAL HATENA N STUFF!!! UR TEH GREATEST!!! :D i'm making a drawing series! (Zelda and Mario characters) tell me what you think! :] if you play Mario Kart Wii or Super Smash Bros. Brawl, tell me and we can exchange friend codes if you want! :D ok im done. -PEACE-