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  • 3- im on hatena for about a year+ now. and working on a series which i just started weeks or months ago. 2 me they fail :( oh well. if u wanna watch em i have a channel created for my series to watch in order.channel name..."the big story (sonic series)" hahaha...i suck probably because im still 10.yep im 10 yrs old! wow i start early...


Kazune: Half dog/human, Nimue's bf, boy, 17

Nimue: Neko, kazune's gf, girl, 15

Shine: clone of sonic, scurrs lil sis, hedgehog, girl, 15 silvers bf

scurr: clone of sonic and scourge, may act as scourge a little , shine's big bro, hedgehog, 16, boy

star: chipmunk, with unusual big ears, scurr's pet, girl, 14

Silver:hedgehog, clone of scurr lolz shines bf


100,000 stars

200 fans

get at least rank 100

get a flip at most popular