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1975 I was born in Kyoto Japan, and grew up in Kyoto.

1994-1998 Kyoto Seika University design manga class.

1997 Established design team"button" activities in Kyoto and Tokyo.

1999 Geaduated from Kyoto Seika University, Work as freelance designer,T-shirts design, graphic design and web design.

2003 Moved my activities to Berlin, participated some group exhibitions.

2004 Got interest in live painting on Karneval der kultur Berlin, Started live painting performance with hagemiho as "Dropshadows", mainly activities in Taheles.

2005 Live painting some events in Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg, and at the same time, stearted live painting + visual work with his hand made device called "Guruguru Kun".

2006 Improved "Guruguru Kun" and performed at Bastard, Pefferbank Berlin. then started VJ work,turntable animation featuring obake (ghost) character with "Guruguru Kun".

2007 I participated to ODD as VJ and made PV of the music.

2008 VJ work at Eschschloraque(Berlin),KANIMANI(Berlin), "Ohayo Japan! 2008" in Spinnwerk,Leipzig and "AKROPOLISMULTIMEDIALE" in Palac Akropolis(Praha).

2009-2011 Art working in Tacheles. (Berlin)


Live Painting Performance & VJ

2011.03.19 "Böse Bohnen" Psychedelic Improvised Live Painting+Music+Video performance in Das Buero, Tacheles, Berlin

2011.03.12 "cyberise soundsystem party" at Tacheles goldener Saal, Berlin

2011.03.09 "live from berlin freetekno world wide streaming" at Tacheles Das Buero, Berlin

2011.03.05 "SOS U.GROUNDE" at Kulturkosmos Müritz in Lärz

2011.02.19 "Prince Kong, Vertical67, Swarm Intelligence, Kinskop & Eutechnik" in Tacheles, Berlin

2011.02.18 "Kitchen club vol.47" in Kommerzpunk, Berlin

2011.02.14 "Tacheles Werkschau 2010" musical "The House of Dreams" Art concept musical ,Visual chuuu in Tacheles

2011.02.11 "IFNB - One year Anniversary Party!" in Soupanova, Berlin


2011.02.03 "Böse Bohnen" (Improvisation Livepainting Video performance & Livemusic session) Setsubun in Goko

2011.01.21 "Kitchen Club vol.44" in Flaalf, Berlin

2011.01.14 "Electric Masaru" in ESCHSCHLORAQUE, Berlin

2011.01 Musikvideo: Dr. Motte & Robert Babicz – „NONO“

2010.12.04 "Electro Flaaf" in FLAALF KUNSTRAUM, Berlin

2010.11.26 "HICCUPS" KURIHARA. chuuu. ANDI. DYLAN (visual x music) in Tacheles, Berlin

2010.11.19 "Kitchen Club Vol.41" VJ Ryo,VJ chuuu,DJ Hito,Umo in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2010.11.12 "ELECTRIC MASARU Japan Music Week Specal" in Knochenbox & Theaterkapelle, Berlin

2010.10.22 "Kitchen Club Vol.39" 15 Jahre Haus Schwarzenberg! SPECIAL in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2010.09.03 Vj chuuu & Dj Trauko Live Performance at Voy-Voy, Madrid

2010.08.28 "Underground society 3" Electronic Audio Visual Party in Tacheles goldener Saal,Berlin

2010.08.28 "Live painting - Pistachio" in Studio KK 3rd floor, Berlin

2010.08.13 "Goodbye party" URHÈ/LANDETA ATELIER in Tacheles, Berlin

2010.07.24 "Underground society 2" Electronic Audio Visual Party in Tacheles goldener Saal,Berlin

2010.07.23 "Live painting - Kurihara and chuuu" in Studio KK 3rd floor, Berlin

2010.07.16 "ELECTRIC MASARU" Live ODD,Kurotech,DJ Shingo Suwa,VJ chuuu," in Tharterkapelle,Berlin

2010.07.02 "Kitchen Club Vol.34" VJ open air. VJ chuuu,DJ Hito,Daisuke PAK,Umo in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2010.06.11 "Underground society" Electronic Audio Visual Party in Tacheles goldener Saal,Berlin

2010.05.07 "Kitchen Club Vol.30" VJ chuuu,Live ODD,DJ Hito,Umo in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2010.04.16-17 "Nippon Connection" the 10th anniversary of the japanese film festival. DJ Hito, Live ODD,VJ chuuu in Frankfurt am Main

2010.04.10 "Presidential?...Why not?!" 20 JAHRE + 2 MONAT PARTY in Tacheles goldener Saal,Berlin

2010.03.14 "Rangi Recordings launch party" Rangi Recordings in Berlin

2010.03.13 "Live Me Forever" 20 JAHRE + 1 MONAT PARTY in Tacheles goldener Saal,Berlin

2010.02.13 "Tacheles Werkschau" Live A Guy Called Gerald,Visual chuuu in Tacheles goldener Saal,Berlin

2010.01.29 "Kitchen Club Vol.23" VJ chuuu,Live ODD,DJ Hito,Umo in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2010.01.23 "The Exhibition by Nonowe Akihito" Nonowe Akihito,VJ chuuu in Kinski Club,Berlin

2009.12.31 "New Year Party" in Tacheles,Berlin

2009.11.06 "KANIMANI 6 Jahre Party" in KANIMANI,Berlin

2009.10.24 "BERLIN UNDERGROUND" Live Butterfly (Allzeit Musik),Ken Mutant (Vocals),VJ chuuu in Tacheles top floor,Berlin

2009.10.02 "Kitchen Club Vol.14" VJ chuuu,Live ODD,DJ Hito,Umo in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2009.07.17 "ELECTRIC MASARU" Live ODD,VJ chuuu," in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2009.05.21 "ELECTRIC MASARU" Dance MEISAI,VJ chuuu,Live ODD" in NBI Klub,Berlin

2009.05.08 "kitchen club vol.8" VJ chuuu,Live ODD,DJ Hito,Performance NoBu in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2009.05.01 "VJ chuuu" 01 Mai party in KANI MANI,Berlin

2008.12.19 "VJ chuuu" DJ Hito&Takako birthday party in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2008.11.21 "VJ chuuu,Live ODD,DJ Hito" in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2008.11.15 "Goodbye Hirofumi" in Waschhaus,Berlin

2008.09.26 "VJ chuuu,DJ Hito,MUSICVIDEO NIGHT" in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2008.09.24 "Ohayo Japan! 2008" in Spinnwerk,Leipzig

2008.08.08 "MITTE vol.7" in club asia,Tokyo

2008.06.07 "AKROPOLIS MULTIMEDIALE" in Palac Akropolis,Praha

2008.04.30 "01.Mai Party" in KANIMANI,Berlin

2008.04.25 "VJ chuuu,Live ODD,DJ Hito" in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2008.01.25 "VJ chuuu,Live ODD,DJ Hito" in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2007.12.31 "Silvester in KANIMANI" in KANIMANI,Berlin

2007.12.29 "VJ chuuu & ODD Live" in King Kong Klub,Berlin

2007.10.12 "VJ & ODD Live" in Eschschloraque,Berlin

2007.08.31 "VJ & ODD Live" la-condition-japonaise in Zentrale Randlage,Berlin

2007.06.30 "VJ" KANIMANI,Berlin

2007.04.20 "VJ & ODD Live" Nippon Connection,Frankfurt

2006.08.11 "chuuu&Tomo Ausstellung" in Zeit Zone,Berlin

2006.05.27 "Vor Tau und Tag" Einbisschen Japan Monate in Tacheles,Berlin

2006.05.20 "unveroeffentlichen" Einbisschen Japan Monate in Tacheles,Berlin

2006.05.13 "Rainy Samstag" Einbisschen Japan Monate in Tacheles,Berlin

2006.05.06 "Suravy" Einbisschen Japan Monate in Tacheles,Berlin

2006.04.29 "MEKABU" we(west.east.) in Pefferbank,Berlin

2006.02.03 "goko Setsubun performance" in goko(Japanicsh Restaurant),Berlin

2006.01.21 "Takejirou3"&"Romeo&Julliete" in KANI MANI,Berlin

2005.12.08 "Takejirou2"we - west.east(japanese-german friendship 2005) in Pefferbank,Berlin

2005.12.02 "Takejirou" in Elektoric Masaru ODD,Bastard,Berlin

2005.11.11 "Romeo&Julliete" in Scherer8,Berlin

2005.11.07 "Romeo&Julliete" Stille im Raum in Humboldt-Universitaet,Berlin

2005.10.13-15 "Zeremonie" in Bartik Raw Tower,Hamburg

2005.10.01 "Zeremonie(かってにJapan Now)" in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.09.24 "Zeremonie" in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.09.10 "Zeremonie mit Japan Now" in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.08.31 "Zeremonie" in NEU!,Berlin

2005.08.06 bei Fuck Parade,Berlin

2005.06.18 "Layer3" Love Kamikaze in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.05.14 "Hakootoko" in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.04.16 "Kleine bonbon Bose" Nippon Connection,Frankfurt

2005.04.08 "Kleine bonbon Bose" Love Kamikaze in Hotel Bar,Berlin

2005.03.26 "Doppelgaenger" in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.03.19 "Doppelgaenger" in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.03.12 "Doppelgaenger" in Tacheles,Berlin

2005.02.26 "Weisser Sontag & Milchstrasse" in Tacheles Goldener saal,Berlin

2005.02.18 "Weisser Sontag" in Hotelbar,Berlin

2005.02.12 "Tomato to Kaeze de Pan o Hasamou" in Klub Hanger,Berlin

2005.01.22 "Letas to Hamu de Pan o Hasamou" in Tacheles,Berlin

2004.12.17 "Wand(l)ung zum Nomaden" in TU-Technischen Universitaet,Berlin

2004.10.15 "Ichinullichigo" in Tacheles,Berlin

2004.10.09 "Identity" in Waffengallerie,Berlin

2004.08.28 "Eingang Ausgang02改" in Waffengallerie,Berlin

2004.08.12 "Eingang Ausgang" in AL RAI(Arabisch Restaurant),Berlin

2004.07.24 Live Painting in Oststrand,Berlin(Eastside Gallery),Berlin

2004.07.19 Live Painting in ACUD(Kunstverein),Berlin

2004.05.30 Karneval der Kulturen,Berlin


2007.08.12 "Smartdeli Presents Berlin OBON matsuri" in Smartdeli,Berlin

2006.08.11-13 "chuuu&Tomo Ausstellung" in Zeit Zone,Berlin

2006.03.03-04.09 "Tacheles werkschau 2005" in Tacheles,Berlin

2006.01.21 "Japan meets Egypt" in KANI MANI,Berlin

2005.12.08 "we - west.east(japanese-german friendship 2005)" in Pefferbank,Berlin

2005.11.07 "Stille im Raum" in Humboldt-Universitaet,Berlin

2005.10.13-15 "Pacifik Raw" in Bartik Raw Tower,Hamburg

2005.08.31-09.07 "Centralgrapes" chuuu Erste Ausstellung in NEU!,Berlin

2005.06.12 Ausstellung&Musik in Kurumis Hause,Berlin

2005.01.14-02.13 Gruppenausstellung "...und weil die alle zu unterschiedlich sind" Neue Galerie in Tacheles,Berlin

2004.08.12-09.07 Gruppenausstellung in AL RAI,Berlin

2004.03.27-04.14 Verbinding Neue Galerie in Tacheles,Berlin

2003.08.02 Sai Music Festival,Kyoto

2002.07.27 Sai Music Festival,Kyoto

2001.12.12-12.17 EVE-button&二人展,Kyoto

2000.08.7-15 くらげ屋展-button in なかのZERO,Tokyo

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