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Guys im leaving again. It is not entirely finalized, because i wish to post all the gaara sprites ive already finished, but i still feel done with Hatena. When i started on this I was 13, and after some thinking i realized that a 15 year old has better things to do than waste 4 hour a day recreating others work in a choice of three colors. I held on to this because of how hard it was to finally get a dsi, but now i have an xbox and a laptop so its not worth it. i can easily make the same sprites on minecraft(and i already have) and i can show them off. So you guys can have your fun but im finished. If anyone wants to subscribe me on youtube its ckobb7 and i will begin producing videos shortly. At least success on youtube offers cash. However i cannot continue visiting Hatena and feeling like a failure for it. Goodbye guys.