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I speak french!

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Bonjour, mon nom est Claudie. J'ai join flipnote le 23 septembre 2009 (c'est aussi ma date de fete!). Je ne sait pas c'est quand que j'ai posté ma premiere flipnote mais je crois que c'est le 30 septembre. J'adore flipnote et j'espere que vous aimerez flipnote et que vous aprecierez flipnote autant que moi! Je peux aussi vous traduire des choses en anglais ou le contraire.

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Youtube: 11pingpong

Facebook: Flipnote Cloclo

Colors! 3D: claudiegd

Merci! Bye.

What we can do if people report our Flips only because they are jealous or because they don't agree to an idea, maybe because they only want to bother us, or because they want a Green Star?

Several number of artist are reported everyday without a real reason, only because someone want a Green Star.

Dear Hatena, We think is better if Hatena don't give Green Stars to the reporters, if the Flip have something inappropriate report the Flip only because the Flip is inappropriate not to get Stars.

Please, listen us.

With Love, all the Flipnote Hatena Users.

Best rank:8 <-- OMG thanks all

Goal:1 <-- impossible for me xD

most pop flip: 70 000+ stars

goal: 100 000 stars

Fans 1st goal: 1000 (done) omg thanks you so much!!!!

Fans 2nd goal: 5000

Fans 3rd goal: 10 000 <- my biggest goal... impossible...

downloads goal: 1000 (done)

views goal: X <- Idc about views...

Spin-off goal: 100+ (done)



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